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Kava-based beverages meticulously crafted to alleviate anxiety and stress, ignite creativity, elevate mood and promote both short and long-term health benefits

Functional Adaptogens

Blended with Kava

This combination enables individuals to enjoy euphoria while reducing stress and anxiety, enhancing cognitive focus and brain function, all without compromising energy levels or causing jitteriness.

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Let's explain what

Kava is

For centuries, kava has been a cherished ceremonial drink in the Pacific Islands, valued for its calming effects that help ease anxiety and induce relaxation.

The natural power of Kava's


These compounds interact with particular neurotransmitters in the brain, resulting in a sense of blissful relaxation and mental tranquility

Functional Adaptogens

Blended with Kava

Mixed to tackle any mood and every mental state, this dynamic duo is here to handle you at your lowest and lift you back up to your best.

The mental clarity to

Thrive All Day Long

Ignite your mind and embrace heightened cognitive thinking to enjoy sustained periods of deep focus throughout the day, staying motivated and driven.

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Peacefully prioritize

Your Recovery

We all need to alleviate anxiety and unwind after a demanding day. Our Blueberry flavor enables the body to rest, recover, and revitalize, leading to improved sleep quality for tonight and a refreshed start tomorrow morning.

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Thank you to everyone who joined us on a journey to embrace daily presence. Here's to living life to the fullest, experiencing less chaos, and cultivating more inner peace.