Welcome to the

World of Bashi

As we gaze upwards, contemplating what truly holds significance — moments, family, friends, and above all, yourself.

Grant the opportunity to explore a flavor for the extraordinary, savoring each precious moment.

Founder & CEO

Nicole Funabashi

Emerging from the financial services industry, our Founder embarked on a quest to alleviate her anxiety and enhance her concentration.

On a getaway in Mexico

To Escape Life

It was all great - the food, drinks and hotel. We ventured out to explore and stumbled across a bar that only offered kava and kratom infused drinks. Intrigued by this, I wanted to know more...

A euphoric feeling

That Changed It All

I loved how I felt - my body so at peace yet my mind stimulated. I began to research all about the history and benefits of kava. An ancient tradition that can still positively impact us today got me thinking...

An experiment to find

The Perfect Mix

Incorporate the best benefits of kava balanced with the functional properties of nootropics and adaptagens. Allowing us to embrace the peace and synergy of mind, body and soul

Trials and tribulations

Worth The Wait

Sampling, testing, experimenting all played a part in realising the need for a product like this. A formula that could naturally help us tap into a new version of ourselves

Summer of 2023

Bashi Launched

A beverage that allows us to be more present, steer away from the daily chaos of life. Live with fulfilment and purpose by releasing negative shackles and embracing our passions

The Values

We believe in

The time to rebuild ourselves in order to form deeper connections with others. A space between ourselves and the rest of the world.

New York City

Launch Party

August 2023